Lists and Theory


I will tend to move from faction to faction from time to time, but if I have a home base it is in the Mercenaries faction.  Mercenaries provide a wild assortment of different game experiences (consistent with having – by a pretty wide margin – access to the most different models in the game) while also being a faction that is generally rewarding of and helps to develop strong fundamentals.  If I’m not playing Mercenaries, then I might be playing just about anything – only Skorne, Khador, Trollbloods, and Legion are genuinely out of my range (though I don’t necessarily own the models to play very much in every other faction).  I used to style myself as something of a control specialist (easy to talk oneself into when you’ve played MKII Haley II and Krueger II and, against all odds, won a few games).  I still particularly enjoy that style of play – which my list pairs will often reflect, but I’ve come to think that it’s simply not consistent with competitive play to be “good at ____” rather than just “good.”  As a result I make an effort to have more of a range than I once did, though you probably won’t see really durability-centric lists here incredibly often and the current scenario packet has to justify my preference to emphasize scenario as a win condition.

I’ll keep this space updated with where I am and where I might be going list-wise as time goes on, and try to explain my list choices (if there’s any defending them).  This space will also deal with exploring meta trends, and trying to address particular problems that loom large for whatever faction I’m playing, or just thinking about at a time.  I will also take time to explore particular Warcasters or Warlocks about which I think I have something interesting to say, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses, their utility within the context of their faction, choice lists, and my preferred pairings.

If I voice have an opinion that seems especially strange or wrong to you, let me know (though also let me know why).  If you want my take on something, let me know that too.  If you’d like to to try a particular list, or to play a particular warcaster, I encourage you to give me a pitch.  I can’t promise that I’ll always be swayed, but it’ll be a mark in your favor that you went to the trouble to ask.

Current Projects