Battle & Tournament Reports

As the label suggests, I’ll be using this space to keep track of games played.  I will make an effort to have a particular object in mind when writing a report, whether to follow up on a list idea, or to talk about a particular in game decision tree or use of an interesting list element that merits a little spinning out.

Old Reports

Brawltimore Qualifier 2/4/18 (Orion & Axis)

Mini Steamroller 2/14/18 (Rask)

Steamroller 3/3/18 (Ossrum & Thexus)

Coin League I 7/15/18 (Shae)

– Coin League II 7/21/18 & 7/24/18 (Shae, Constance, Ossrum)

– Coin League III 7/31/18 (Ossrum & Damiano)

– Coin League IV 8/8/18 (Damiano)

– Bokur Brawl 2018 Team Event – (Ossrum & Magnus II)