Chewing the Fat – Preparing for a Heavy Infantry Meta Pt 1 Introduction

An interesting consequence of the CID process is the ability to peer into the future in order to guess at what the Warmachine landscape might look like in the not to distant future.  And my crystal ball is currently overflowing with beef.  Recent CIDs have given us revitalized Gatormen Posse via CID: Blindwater and the proliferation of Champ-centric Trollbloods lists in the wake of CID: Storm of the North, as well as the release of the Clockwork Legions theme.  We are in the midst of seeing Ogrun polished for competitive play in the current Legion CID and upcoming can expect more of the same with Man-o-War from CID: Armored Corps and Exemplar from CID: Exemplar Interdiction.  I’ll resist the urge to editorialize about the prospect of another stretch of competitive play dominated by grindy, low interaction box spam, but the game is played as it is, not as we think it should be.

In order to help myself (and you, dear reader) to avoid having to  join ’em, I’m starting a list building series about how to beat ’em – on how to build list sets in factions which do not traditionally have stellar matchups into durability skews, which I will try to pair with battle reports taking those list sets and trying as best I can to put my money where my mouth is.  Stay strong and we’ll get through this together, and when we play each other we’ll be playing lists that can end the game before turn seven.