What you’ve stumbled upon is the product of a hobby resolution.  I have long wanted to find a way to enrich my enjoyment of competitive gaming specifically the miniatures game Warmachine/Hordes, by finding a creative channel (I’ve tried my hand a little already – a backlog of mostly battle reports can be found here).  I am a slow, mediocre, and disinterested painter, so something like a blog has long seemed like the better bet.  Those who know me will attest that I am all too ready to spend more mental energy than I should on the subject of gaming, and on my own efforts at self-improvement.  In starting this blog, I hope that I can enrich the community, engage readers, and perhaps get myself out of my own head by getting myself down in writing.  I hope you find my contributions worth your time. In order to give you a better sense of what to expect, let me introduce myself and my plans for this space.

In addition to being a passionate competitive gaming enthusiast, I am a law student, (nerdy) sports fan, and enthusiastic if amateur student of film and history.  Growing up I became used, as an athlete, to having competitive outlets in my life, and it is the same passion that has steered me towards Warmachine, and my desire to most of all enjoy myself and help others to enjoy it, but particularly by seeking to ever improve myself and my play.  In the parlance of Magic: The Gathering I am a “nuts and bolts Spike,” which is to say that I play essentially in order to play well, for the pleasure of the competitive challenge.  It isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate the broader set of things about a game like Warmachine that can bring pleasure to its players – the background and story, the miniatures, the creative work involved in painting, converting, and basing, and particularly the social aspect of play –  but I won’t pretend that I have as much to say about those things (not nothing, just less).  

What I would like to do then, is to try to take you along with me as I work to learn more and to improve myself, and hopefully you as well.  I’ll start by outlining my current plans and goals in the game, and along the way you can expect some of each of the following:

  • List Building Exercises – (based on finding pairs to solve problems, or to take advantage of ADR sets, or to try to find ways to get the most out of a particular warcaster or warlock).
  • Battle Reports – usually with an eye towards identifying my own mistakes and correcting them, though also possibly to test drive a concept list, and (I hope) to entertain.
  • Leveling Up Topics – posts exploring the mental side of the game, and ways to make the most of each game experience, win or lose, and remain pointed in the right direction.
  • Model-Specific Tactica – sometimes a particular model is particularly weird, or new, or interesting, and worth exploring in depth.
  • Guest Spots – because I could use the help.


Hopefully I’ve intrigued you at least a little, and you’ll enjoy reading (and contributing to) my ongoing journey.